Teaching Piano From Home – Start With These 6 Steps

Teaching Piano From Home - Start With These 6 Steps
Teaching Piano From Home

Teaching Piano From Home – If you are a good pianist and would like to spread your knowledge and skill to others, you might want to consider teaching piano for a living. If you are already giving lessons from a local college or work for a private music school, you might as well start your own piano teaching business at home to be able to earn more. Here are some tips on how to open your own piano lesson business at home.

so let’s see 6 ways in which you can Teaching Piano From Home.

1) Decide if you can attract enough students to make the business profitable. You can get more students if you are a certified piano teacher. Take pedagogy courses to get certification as a legit piano teacher. Most students and parents of students will want to get a real piano teacher. You can also charge more per lesson if you have pedagogy certificates.

2) Find out how much other piano instructors charge students for each lesson in your neighborhood. Depending on your neighborhood, you can charge between $15 to $30 per 30 to 45 minute lesson. You can earn twice as much teaching piano from your own studio than teaching from a college because you get to keep the whole amount students pay. Schools need part of the tuition to pay for overhead expenses.

3) Build your studio at home. You only need to buy teaching materials and rearrange a part of your home to turn it into a music studio, assuming you already have a piano. You can use a guest room on the ground floor as a studio or build an extension. If you are building from scratch, you should consider placing your studio away from your family’s sleeping quarters. Having a separate area for your lessons is also more professional than teaching from your den or living room.

4) Get the proper teaching tools and instruction books. If you will be teaching piano to kids and adults, you will need different sets of instruction books from beginner levels to advanced levels. You can also focus on one level like beginners only or intermediate only. Get some John Thompson books and Bastien books. Provide a variety of genres too so that students can choose the type of music they want to learn.

5) If you plan to expand your piano lesson business in the future, it might be a good idea to register your business and get a license. You may need a license to start a piano business at home. By the way, before setting up the business at home, find out if your zoning laws will allow you to teach piano from home. If you won’t be allowed to run business at home, you can still open a studio at a commercial area near home. It will still be your own business, but won’t be home-based anymore.

Advertise and market your piano lesson business. Let people in your town know that you will be teaching piano lessons. Distribute fliers, join neighborhood associations, and talk to school administrators who can also refer students to you. It would be a good idea to post ads in the local paper or community bulletin to advertise your piano teaching lessons. Get listed in a local business directory online where more people can find you.

If you want your home-based piano lesson business work, you have to get more students and then managing your earnings well. Even if you are based at home, be sure to separate your household and business finances. Create incentives for students to get more pupils for you by offering a free lesson for every person they can refer. Teaching piano lessons from home can earn you thousands of dollars a month and may be a better alternative to teaching for a music school you don’t own.

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