The Best Piano Chords Practice – Most Effective Tips

The Best Piano Chords Practice - Most Effective Tips
The Best Piano Chords Practice

The Best Piano Chords Practice:

Piano chords practice is necessary for any beginner piano player since they are the foundation of playing piano music. Most instructors that teach the piano will introduce chords early in the piano lessons and teach their students how to build these chords.

When you master how to properly build chords on piano you will improve your knowledge of the piano keyboard. Moreover, your knowledge of music theory and your ability to play songs will improve as well.

Your piano chords practice should start off by focusing on building a C major chord beginning at middle C. You need to know that major chords are built with the first, third and fifth notes of the scale named after the chord you wish to build.

The notes within a C scale are C-D-E-F-G-A-B. These are the notes that make up a C major chord. You should play it and listen to it to accustom yourself to the way it sounds.

To make the third note you play an E flat you will have to flat the third note by bringing the finger of the E note back one key, which is a black key. When you flatten the third note of a major makes the chord minor.

Now play your minor chord and listen to the difference. Your piano chord practice should focus on building these chords in different keys. If you want you can get a guide to all the major and minor scales.

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Your piano chord practice should also focus on playing a one, four, five progression using the chords you built in these degrees in each key. With the C key you should play a C chord, an F chord, a G chord and back to the main chord C.

You can play this progression in any key by utilizing the exact same degrees. You should practice keeping your first three fingers in the exact same place as you alternate between these chords. It will take some time to get used to this but that is what practice is for.

You should try using chord inversions in your piano chord practice. A chord inversion is where you will rearrange the order of the notes. The chords will stay the same but switching the order of the notes will change the sound of the chords slightly. You can make a C chord in the regular way.

When practicing you should try doubling your notes within your chords as you progress. Try playing a C note on the bass side of your piano and a C chord in the middle position.

What you are doing is doubling the root, which will reinforce the tonal center. When you double the third or fifth notes it will produce the other tonal focus.

To build extended chords you can add the seventh note of a scale to your major or minor chords to make seventh chords. When you add the ninth note of the scale it will create a ninth chord. Since these constructions are the exact same in each key, you should practice them and play chord progressions utilizing your new chords.

So,this was the most effective tips for piano chords practice.

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