34+35 Piano Notes – Ariana Grande

34+35 Piano Notes - Ariana Grande
34+35 Piano Notes

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Song Details:
Song: 34+35
Artist: Ariana Grande
Album: Positions
Genre: Pop
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34+35 Piano Notes:

You might think I’m crazy
D5 C5 A4 A4 G4

The way I been craving
D5 C5 A4 A4 G4

If I put it quite plainly
C5 C5 F5 E5 D5 C5 A4 G4

Just gimme them babies
G5 G5 F5 G5 A5 D5

So what you doing tonight?
A5 G5 F5 A5 G5 F5 G5

Better say “Doing you right”
A5 G5 F5 A5 G5 F5 G5

Watching movies but we ain’t seen a thing tonight
A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 G5 F5 D5

I don’t wanna keep you up (You up)
C5 C5 C5 C5 A5 F5 E5

But show me can you keep it up (It up)
C4 C4 C4 C4 C5 A4 G4

‘Cause then I’ll have to keep you up
C4 C4 C4 C4 C5 A4 G4

Shit maybe I’ma keep you up, boy
C4 C4 C4 C4 D5 C5 A4

I been drinking coffee (I been drinking coffee)
And I been eating healthy (And I been eating healthy)
You know I keep it squeaky, yeah (You know I keep it squeaky)
Saving up my energy (Saving up my energy)

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