Shy Away Piano Notes – Twenty One Pilots

Shy Away Piano Notes - Twenty One Pilots
Shy Away Piano Notes

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Shy Away is the lead single from twenty one pilots‘ sixth studio album, Scaled and Icy. The song is based on a conversation frontman Tyler Joseph had with his younger brother where he walked him through his creative process for writing a song. It eventually turned into a letter of advice for his brother, encouraging him to pursue his dreams in the music industry. While Tyler did not specify which brother he was referring to in his interview, it is likely he was speaking about Jay Joseph since Jay dropped his first solo music, Drywall, one month prior to “Shy Away’s” release.

Song Details:
Song: Shy Away
Artist: Twenty One Pilots
Released: 2021
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Shy Away Piano Notes:

When I get home
C5 D5 E5 C5

You better not be there
D5 E5 D5 E5 D5 G5

We’re placing bets you won’t
F5 E5 D5 C5 D5 C5 C5 A4

Shed your modesty
C5 D5 E5 D5 D5 C5

And the only thing to leave behind
D5 D5 C5 E5 D5 E5 D5 G5

Is your own skin on the floor
F5 E5 D5 C5 B4 A4 C5

Don’t you shy away
C5 D5 C5 D5 C5 C5

Manifest a ceiling
F5 E5 D5 C5 C5 A4

When you shy away
C5 D5 C5 D5 C5 C5

Searching for that feeling
E5 D5 D5 C5 D5 E5 D5

Just like an “I love you” (Ooh, ooh)
C5 C5 C5 E5 E5 E5

That isn’t words (Ooh, ooh)
G4 E5 E5 D5 C5

Like a song he wrote, that’s never heard
G4 C5 C5 D5 D5, A4 A4 G4

Don’t you (Ssh)
C5 C5 D5

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