Husn Husn Qaatil Piano Notes – Srishti Bhandari

Husn Husn Qaatil Piano Notes - Srishti Bhandari
Husn Husn Qaatil Piano Notes

Husn Husn Qaatil Piano Notes Available Now On ThePianoClass. Learn Latest Bollywood Hindi Songs On Piano With Mobile Piano Notes. Join Us For Free Music Education Online.

Husn Husn Qaatil by Srishti Bhandari is Latest Hindi song and this brand new song is featuring Sunny Leone, Mammootty. Husn Husn Kaatil song lyrics are written by Alaukik Rahi while music of this song is recreated by Amjad Nadeem Aamir and this music video is released by Zee Music.

Song Details:
Song: Husn Husn Qaatil
Singer: Srishti Bhandari
Lyrics: Alaukik Rahi
Music: Amjad Nadeem Aamir
Starring: Sunny Leone, Mammootty
Label: Zee Music Company
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Husn Husn Qaatil Piano Notes:

Chandani Utar Aayi
B4 B4 B4 C5 B4 A4 B4 A4 G4 G4 A4 B4 B4 B4

Mehfil Mein Aaj
B4 C5 D5 E5 E5 D5 C5 B4 A4 G4

Mera Hi Jaadu Chalega Aaj
E4 F4 G4 A4 A4 G4 G4 C5 B4 A4 G4 E4 G4 F4 E4 D4 E4

Aaj Ki Hai Raat Nasheeli
A3 B3 D4# E4 F4# E4 D4# E4 F4# E4 D4# E4

Thodi Si Maine Bhi Pee Li
A3 B3 D4# E4 F4# E4 D4# G4 F4# E4 D4# E4

Tan Badan Mein Aag Lagi Hai
G4 G4 G4 A4 G4 F4# G4 A4 G4 F4# A4 G4

Haan Jashan Ki Baat Chali Hai
G4 G4 G4 G4 F4# G4 A4 G4 F4# G4

Mood Mein Tum Bhi Ho
A4 C5 C5 C5 B4 B4 A4 A4 G4

Mood Mein Hum Bhi Hain
G4 B4 B4 B4 A4 A4 G4 A4 G4 F4#

Khamakha Misuse Na Kar Lena
E4 G4 G4 G4 F4# F4# E4 B3 A3 G3 A3 B3 D4# E4


Husn Husn Mera Qaatil Qaatil
Muft Muft Mein Tu Chakh Lena
Looks Looks Tareefein Kaabil
Ang Ang Sangmarmar Sa

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