About ThePianoClass

ThePianoClass Is A Youtube Channel Which Provides Piano Tutorials For Hindi, English, Punjabi, Marathi And South Indian’s Song’s.

ThePianoClass Founded : 14 Dec 2016
Total Viewership : 7.5 Million +

About Website

ThePianoClass Website Is Meant For Piano Notation For Mobile/Mini Piano Keyboard Players But You Can Use These Contents To Playing In Any Keyboard And Piano Device. All The Contents That Are Available In This Website Are Based On The Perfcet Piano Mobile App.

Purpose Of This Website

  1. We All Love Songs, And If You Are A Pianist, Then You Would Also Like To Play This Song On Piano.
    But Sometimes We Get A Little Stuck While Playing Some Songs.
    So This Is Why This Website Has Been Made So That You Can Play Your Favorite Songs On The Piano.
  2. If You Try To Play Even Half A Song On The Piano, Then You Will Easily Play The Whole Song.
  3. And This Website Only Uploads Half Notes Because The Purpose Of This Website Is That People Can Learn Piano, Not Only Give Them Notes.

Man Behind ThePianoClass

Aniket Patil

Hey Guys, I’m Aniket Patil, Indian Professional Pianist, Composer, Blogger And Youtuber. He Is The Founder Of ThePianoClass. 

He Started Playing Piano From A Very Young Age, At Age Of 5. Then He Stopped Playing The Piano Because He Didn’t Know It Was His Passion, Then Many Years Later, When He Was In College, A Friend Of His Was Playing Piano On Mobile. He Then Saw This And Asked His Friend, “How Are You Playing? Teach Me This Too.”And Then He Came To Know About This Mobile Piano And His Musical Journey Started. Then He Thought Of Making His Career In This Music Field. And Then He Dropped Out Of College Even Though He Was In The Last Year. And From The Past Till Today, He Has Never Looked Back. They Say If You Want To Do Something Then Start Now Because When You Do This, You Will Never Be Afraid Of Dying. Because You Are Doing What Will Keep You Alive For Millions Of Years. 


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YouTube channel Link : YouTube.in/thepianoclass

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